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Robert Scott Mueller is putting his folk singer hat back on and working on a solo acoustic record.  He will be playing shows around the SF Bay Area this spring & summer. Dates, plugs and promos can be found on his Facebook page. Chances are he'll pull out a song or two from the GEN 11 catalog as well. 


Rick Santos is still hitting his favorite South Bay stomping grounds with Longliner. If you're needing a shot of electric Colonels, this is by far your best bet. Dance, drink, drink and holler.


David Sands seems to have studio work fall into his lap.  Which means he's been doing it for years, and folks trust him.  Drop him a line, he says 'yes' a lot. 


Ted Kuster plays with everyone. Seriously. But, you can always find him with The Beauty Operators.   


Ian Taylor Sutton? Just go here:


Since moving to Austin, Peter Dominguez has been in the recording studio with Golden Lights. We miss him, but he's found a solid new home.    


Brad Parker fled to the East Coast. Actually fled. The Bird Index allows him to hang out with them.  By all accounts they are nice guys. 


We are trying to work more with Erik Ian Walker.  He's a phenomenal player. His piano and organ adds an incredible Garth Hudson vibe to The Colonels. Check him out at WACKOWORLD MUSIC

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